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When troubleshooting there are a few steps you need to follow to make your life reposting an issue, and our life trying to resolve the issue, easier.

Step 0

Check this Wiki, the FAQ and the archives of the mailing lists, maybe you'll find some hints.

Step 1

Produce more debug information. Add these lines to local_conf.py :

   1 DEBUG = 1 # (or even 2)
   4 LOGGING = logging.DEBUG

Then restart Freevo! This will turn on verbose output of most of the plugins. Warning: you'll get more info than you need, but more is better than less...

Freevo's logging output will be saved in /var/log/freevo/main-X.log  or /tmp/freevo/main-X.log , where X is the uid of the user, who runs freevo. Moreover the stdout  and stderr  of every child application freevo launches will be saved in correspondent files in /var/log/freevo . If freevo doesn't have access to /var/log/freevo then you will find the log files in /tmp/freevo. You can create the /var/log/freevo directory manually if it wasn't created when you installed freevo to stop freevo saving the log files in the /tmp/freevo directory. The problem with the log files in /tmp  is, that everything there is usually deleted when you shutdown your system.

Step 2

Use the menu to try whatever it is you are trouble shooting, then scroll through the log files for some information on what happens in the background. Or better still, run the following in a separate terminal while trouble shooting for a live view of the log:

tail -f /path/to/freevo/log


Check the log file:


Try the command you find. Does it run? If so then maybe you have a permissions issue. Freevo 1.5.X can be running as any user you specify and thus that user needs the permissions set for recording device access and of course for the directories the recording should be saved.

Other Applications

Check the output files of freevo's child applications. For example:


Maybe you find a hint. Maybe it is something as wrong/unknown options. As above, try the command freevo runs. Does it work? If so, try it as the freevo user. If not, there's your issue..

An example: sometimes DVDs ripped to DivX by mencoder cannot be played by freevo. They can be played by mplayer directly, however. Looking in local_conf.py we see that the "-idx" option is specified with mplayer when it runs .avi files. Normally this is unnecessary, because its purpose is to rebuild broken avi indexes and most avi files don't need this. Usually it does no harm, but with the mencoded files in question it causes a bunch of error messages and mplayer quits. The fix is simply to remove the "-idx" from the mplayer options in local_conf.py.

Step 3

If you still can't find the cause of the issue, post a query to the mailing list. Please include the relevant settings in your local_conf.py and the relevant log file output.

If you want a list of all the settings you've changed/enabled in local_conf.py without the comments (e.g. to post to the mailing list), run:

grep -vr '^ *#.*' /path/to/local_conf.py | uniq > local_conf_stripped.py

Full debug settings

Debugging settings

   1 LOGGING = logging.DEBUG
   2 DEBUG = 2 # even more verbose than DEBUG = 1
   4 # alternatively, enable debug logging for single apps:
   5 LOGGING_RECORDSERVER = logging.DEBUG   # defaults to LOGGING
   6 DEBUG_RECORDSERVER = 2                 # defaults to DEBUG
   8 DEBUG_ENCODINGSERVER = 2               # defaults to DEBUG
  11 DEBUG_CHILDAPP = 1 # e.g. pass -v to mplayer
  12 DEBUG_TIME = 0 # perform timings
  13 DEBUG_STDOUT = 0 # send debug info to stdout (additionally)?
  14 DEBUG_SKIN = 0
  16 DEBUG_IDLEBAR_FONT = 'tiny0'

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