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Get the update to date sources

svn co svn://svn.freevo.org/freevo/branches/rel-1-9 freevo-1.9
svn co svn://svn.freevo.org/freevo/branches/rel-1 freevo-1.x 

Either, this is most up-to-date

Or, this is simpler

It is rather important to say what the language code is and for which branch the translation is been done against. It is not always obvious :)


The [language-code] is either a two character code for the language or a five character code for the language and country, eg en and en_GB

poedit makes the translations easier by providing a GUI editing tool.

Pay particular attention to the python-format strings, if these are incorrectly translated Freevo will crash.

After an update there may be fuzzy comments, these mean that during the update process 'gettext' has found similar messages which are more than likely incorrect.

#: plugins/idlebar/diskfree.py:87
#, python-format
msgid "%iGB"
msgstr ""

The contents of msgstr can be blank in which case the string is not translated. If msgid has a %s, %d, %i etc then this must match so this translation

#: plugins/idlebar/diskfree.py:87
#, python-format
msgid "%iGB"
msgstr "GBytes"

would crash freevo.

You can test the translations from the command line by doing this for a Swedish translations:

LANGUAGE=sv_SE gettext -d freevo -s Title


export LC_ALL=sv_SE
export TEXTDOMAIN=freevo
gettext -s "Description"

If you want to run the commands by hand then you can do this too. The freevo.po file is the source and the freevo.mo file is the compiled version of the freevo.po version. The basic command is msgfmt -o freevo.mo freevo.po

From the freevo source directory you need to run:

msgfmt -o i18n/sv/LC_MESSAGES/freevo.mo i18n/sv/LC_MESSAGES/freevo.po
cp -p i18n/sv/LC_MESSAGES/freevo.mo i18n/sv/LC_MESSAGES/freevo.po /usr/share/locale/sv/LC_MESSAGES

2014-02-15 05:47