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Release Notes for 1.7.0

You will also need to download the latest kaa.base-0.1.2, kaa.metadata-0.6.0 and kaa.imlib2-0.2.0 packages from the sourceforge pages. There has been no significant changes to the kaa modules that affect the operation of freevo-1.7.0 since RC2 (Release Candidate 2).

Release Notes for 1.6.3

Check out the ChangeLog on the wiki page (http://freevo.sourceforge.net/cgi-bin/doc/ChangeLog), it links to the tracker where a more detailed description of the bugs is available.

It doesn't mention that sitecustomize.py has been added, this make python use utf-8 string encoding by default and as a consequence fixes some display problems of file names that are not ASCII.

Also Added is a contrib/plugins directory for plug-ins that people have contributed which are of special interest.

Just a couple of dependencies that don't work at the moment. Python-2.5.0 doesn't seem to work on 64-bit systems but works fine on 32-bit systems. Twisted-2.5.0 has some changes that are not compatible with Freevo, stick to 2.4.0.

Release Notes for 1.6.0

The have been quite a number of changes, see ChangeLog for details. The ChangeLog has a tracker reference for a discussion about the changes.


The recordable setting has been from from VIDEO_GROUPS Delete this setting from your local_conf.py

This change can be mostly automated by running: freevo convert_config

To use multi-tuner support the VIDEO_GROUPS needs setting up correctly see http://freevo.sourceforge.net/cgi-bin/doc/MultiTunerConfig

elementtree, include in Python-2.5+, is now a prerequisite for freevo, if can be downloaded from http://effbot.org/zone/elementtree.htm

idlebar and headlines plug-ins are now enabled by default, you will need to remove the following plug-ins from local_conf.py:

plugin.activate('headlines', level=XX) plugin.activate('idlebar') plugin.activate('idlebar.tv', level=20) plugin.activate('idlebar.cdstatus', level=25) plugin.activate('idlebar.diskfree', level=30) plugin.activate('idlebar.clock', level=50, args='%a %d %H:%M')

If you don't like and of these plug-ins the can be deactivated by: plugin.remove('<plug-in name>')

Known Problems

If a directory is name with a media extension it will be treated as a media file, e.g. music.mp3 or record.avi. Use music_mp3 and record_avi instead.

If a mp3 file is incorrectly named the header search will scan the whole file, e.g. something.mp3 which is really a wave file.

Sometime the headlines plug-in crashed when it receives incorrect data from the rss feed.

2014-02-15 05:47