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General Information

The basic functions freevo provides can be extended by plugins. There already exist quiet a lot of good ones, but of course you are invited to develop more (see Writing plugins). Many plugins are bundled with freevo, and you just have to activate them. More can be found at http://freevo.sourceforge.net/addons/.

To learn which plugins are available and which are already active, use the command  freevo plugins -l 

Current (1.7.3) list of included plugins

If you want to have more information on a special plugin, use the command  freevo plugins -i name  where name is the name of the plugin your are interested in.

The command  freevo plugins -a  gives you are description of all available plugins.

A plugin can be activated by adding  plugin.activate(name)  to local_conf.py. Optional arguments are type, level and args.

To remove a plugin activated in freevo_config, it's possible to add  plugin.remove(name)  into the local_conf.py.

Media Menu

The Media Menu plugin provides the "Movie", "Images", "Games" and "Audio" entries on the main menu.

Each menu opens a directory browser with specific filters (based on extension) and viewing mode (layout).

This plugin is activated by default.


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