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This is a mostly a copy of a post to the mailing list from Dischi. If you can help with any of this drop an email to the users list.

1. Mailing lists: I don't have time to read them. I could answer all the Freevo related questions in users, but if I do so, I won't have any more time coding. So help youself. It would be great if the real hard questions could get to me and I answer. Some sort of second level support. :) . I try to read the devel list, but sometimes users stuff gets into it. The last week I only had time for Tacks mails because he is most important for development right now. I only saw your mail because someone pointed me to it.

2. Homepage: someone following svn could post some updates now and then. I always want to do it, but again, I have hacking stuff to do I like much more. There is a bugreport in one list that the Debian install instructions are wrong and I had no time to fix this.

Note: John Molohan has now taken over as the site maintainer, if you follow svn and could write up these updates please email the list and he will put them up on the site.

3. Wiki: we always need more doc. I plan to move the wiki to a new server here at the university. I need to check if this is possible. Moving away from sf would speed up the wiki.

a. 2.0 API: we have some doc inside the code and start some source doc in the 2.0 wiki. But a lot of stuff is missing. This is the point were some people could help: read the doc inside the code, play with it, learn how it works or read examples and write some development doc. As soon as we have good API doc, it is easier for new people to help. Don't be shy, just add stuff to the wiki. I read wiki the changelog and will fix wrong doc. A starting point would be a kaa module.

b. 2.0 internal doc: Some as api but less important. More doc what is happening inside. Again, a small kaa module is an easy starting point.

4. New interface/skin designs.

a. New skins for 1.x branch would be great

b. The interface engine has been completely rewritten for v2. We will need a whole new set of skins written (having a few ready for v2.0 would be great)

2014-02-15 05:35