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If you are new to configuring Freevo please see the Prerequisites and Overview sections below. Note that Freevo's configuration variable names sometimes change and these changes aren't necessarily recorded in the wiki. If changing your local_conf.py doesn't have the expected result try running:

freevo convert_config /path/to/local_conf.py
freevo convert_config /path/to/local_conf.py -w

If you are using 1.9.0 run:

freevo convert_config --scan --file path/to/local_conf.py
freevo convert_config --scan --file path/to/local_conf.py -w

The first command will show the changes to be made whilst the second writes them to local_conf.py. If the wiki is wrong please feel free to update it.










This might be obvious for some of you, but Freevo relies on external tools and programs for its functions. For example it calls Xine or Mplayer to show videos and TV, lirc for mapping remote functions, ... you get it. So please make sure they work as intended before trying to set up Freevo. If it doesn't work, Freevo won't fix it. Please see the LinkPage for a list of those tools. .


There are three configuration files for Freevo:


The first one, freevo.conf, contains some basic information about your system, as paths to important programs, the type of your display (X11 or framebuffer), the resolution of your screen and other things. It will be generated by the command freevo setup . A system wide one might be at /etc/freevo/freevo.conf.


The second one, freevo_config.py is where the default parameters are stored, so DO NOT EDIT freevo_config.py. This file will probably be in /usr/share/freevo.


If you want to change anything in Freevo's configuration, put the stuff in local_conf.py. Things in local_conf.py will override the defaults in freevo_config.py.

Usually you will find your local_conf.py in your home directory in the .freevo directory, if that is not the case you should look for an example file of local_conf.py in your freevo installation and copy it to ~/.freevo/local_conf.py.

When editing local_conf.py, you should be aware that it is not a normal config file, but Python code. Therefore you have to follow some rules to avoid crashes. The most important thing is that lines starting with a variable must not have SPACES or TABS at the beginning. If you make a mistake there, Freevo will crash complaining about: invalid syntax.

Note: On Gentoo, as of 2004-12-29, there is no copy of local_conf.py in the installed Freevo package (in site-packages). You can find a copy in the ViewCVS repository.

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