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Website and Wiki

This is only a static dump of the Wiki. The Wiki itself is shut down at the moment. See the Freevo homepage for details.

Quick References

This sections contains the quick start guide for those who want to jump straight in and start using Freevo and it also contains frequently asked questions on Freevo.

Generic user Documentation:

This section gives an overview of Freevo's features and allows users to add to a wishlist of features they'd like to see. It also contains some gallerys of Freevo screenshots and images of users HTPCs or hardware setups.

Installation and Usage

This is the main user documentation section for installing, configuring and using Freevo.

File Format Descriptions

This section provides information on Freevo's skin architecture including how to design your own skins. It also provides information on Freevo's FXD file format which is widely used throughout Freevo. FXD files are used to store information on recorded TV shows (obtained automatically from the xmltv data), user can customise them with data on their own video files, build lists of web radio and TV stations and lots more. For example in each of these uses just described it can store multiple attributes such as cover images, links, player settings, language settings etc. FXDs allow great customisation of the features and media sources for Freevo.


This section has information and configuration details on hardware that Freevo is compatible with.

Release Information

Here you will find information on the latest and past releases of Freevo

Contributing - info for users and developers

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